Lightweight construction

Lightweight material construction, structural lightweight construction and conditional lightweight design

Lightweight construction offers a huge potential for resource-efficient mechatronic systems. Lightweight construction does not only imply lower weight of moved assembly groups, it is also a synonym for ideal load-oriented use of materials and design principles. In this context construction methods of nature are imitated such as cellular structures in metal foams or composite designs such as sandwich structures and fiber composites for bionic design of mechanical assembly groups. For example, we apply additive manufacturing processes such as 3D laser beam melting or 3D printing, opening up entirely new possibilities in terms of geometry, material and number of pieces.

  • Development and calculation of lightweight structures
  • Design/utilization of metal fiber composite hybrid components
  • Metal foam: technology, prototypes, small series


Lightweight construction by intelligent material combination

Metal lightweight materials include aluminum, magnesium, high-strength steels and titanium. In addition, fiber composites are among the typical lightweight materials. Powder metallurgical materials also offer a huge potential for lightweight construction.

Manufacturing and joining technologies

Lightweight technologies ready for serial production

Using lightweight materials requires adapting existing manufacturing and joining technologies to new materials. We investigate process chains holistically, develop solutions for technology and periphery levels and accompany you from the first idea up to series production.

Functional integration

More efficiency due to functional integration

By integrating sensors and actuators on the material level, we achieve high functional density in assembly groups, machines and components. In this context, composites of so-called smart materials are used, for example piezoceramics, shape-memory alloys or active polymers in combination with construction materials such as steel, aluminum or fiber plastic composites.