Gear rolling

Optimizing process times and avoiding material loss

Cross-rolling with round tools is a partial forming process with rolling kinematics between tool geometry and the emerging workpiece profile. The rotationally symmetric pre-form is clamped between two tips in the axial direction. The gear profile is realized using rolling kinematics by means of a process in which the tool teeth penetrate in radial direction in relation to the diameter. The rolling process is split into the three stages of initial rolling, penetration and calibration. The round rolling processes using two and three profiled tools are industry-oriented.

Improvements to final component characteristics such as load-bearing capacity, tooth root strength, surface quality and minimum quenching distortion result from surface hardness depending on strain hardening and the contour-related fiber orientation. Process-related advantages emerge due to the very short cycle times and the fact that chip disposal is no longer required.

  • Visioplastic investigations in rolling of high gears
  • Truck axle drive
  • Straight toothed test gear
  • Reverse gear
  • Toothed gear shaft
  • Energy-efficient process chains for gear components
  • Scalable electric drive for commercial vehicles
  • Project GEAR FORM – hot forming of gears with large module

  • Ultra-short process chains based on forming technology
  • Reduced process times
  • Avoiding material loss due to forming and omission of chip disposal
  • Increase in strength of tooth contour up to 100 per cent due to strain hardening (in the tooth root area)
  • Mirror-finish surface contours (Rz = 1.5 μm, Ra = 0.5 μm)
  • Contour-related fiber orientation
  • Reduced notch sensitivity and increased fatigue strength

Development of process chains

  • Market analysis
  • Investigation of process chains
  • Process optimization
  • Cost-benefit calculation
  • Development of manufacturing concepts
  • Planning and technological dimensioning of processes, tools and machines
  • Recommendations on investments for machines and technology

Development and evaluation of forming strategies

  • Market analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technology development
  • Calculation, design and construction of rolling tools (spur gears, worm profiles and special profiles)
  • Finish rolling processes for increasing the strength of pre-toothed initial forms
  • Development of characteristic process values and optimum forming strategies
  • Benchmarking
  • Tool life studies and estimates of commercial viability
  • Material investigations (texture, contour-related fiber orientation, distribution of microhardness)
  • Consulting and intermediary service for purchases of rolling tools and profile rolling machines
  • FEM simulation and tool load analyses (Forge, Simufact, Ansys)
  • Numerical simulation
  • Manufacturing of prototypes

Quality assurance

  • Standardized measurement of components according to DIN 3962/ISO 1328
  • Tool life investigations (Woehler fatigue test)
  • Investigations on wear and lubricants on testing equipment FZG-gear-strain according to DIN ISO 14635
  • Measurement and testing of tooth root strength and load-bearing capacity of gears

Machine technology

  • Two-rolls profile rolling machine PWZ Spezial, Rollex XL-HP and PR15 HP
  • Three-rolls profile rolling machine 3PRD


  • Forge
  • Simufact

Testing technology

  • Pulsator test station
  • Testing equipment FZG-gear-strain
  • ZEISS Prismo gear inspection machine