Axial closed die rolling

Manufacturing of flash-free forgings with pre-finished surfaces

Axial closed die rolling (ACDR) is a modern manufacturing process of forming technology for producing rotationally symmetric forgings with or without bores. It enables manufacturing of products in a quality that has only been achieved conventionally by forging in a closed die. All forgeable materials can be formed by using ACDR. Its application focuses on hot forming. Rolling is also possible at a temperature range typical for warm forming and cold forming.

Forming is performed by two rotating dies whose distance to each other is reduced during the course of the process. The axis of the upper die is characterized by an inclination towards the axis of the bottom die. This inclination causes partial contact between upper die and workpiece. Since the workpiece is only partially formed, significantly lower forming forces are required in comparison to die forging. The principle of partial forming also allows for machines of small frame sizes to be used for forming of workpieces which would necessitate high forming forces in conventional die forging.

  • Hydraulic accumulators
  • Production of wheels

  • Removal of subsequent heat treatment due to reproducible fiber orientation in the forging
  • Material savings due to minimum drafts and flash-free forming
  • Manufacturing of functional secondary design features by synchronous rotation of upper die and bottom die
  • Increase of tool strength for manufacturing parts using high-temperature resistant materials

Development of process chains for

  • Rings
  • Hubs
  • Wheels without face profiling
  • Flanges

Development and evaluation of forming strategies

  • Market analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technological consultations
  • Tool design / tool manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of prototypes

Quality assurance

  • Determination of characteristic values before and after forming
  • Optimization of process parameters

Machine technology

  • Axial closed die rolling machine AGW 80/250
  • Heatable tool


  • 3D CAD software: PTC/Creo
  • Finite element software: Forge/Simufact.Forming

Testing technology

  • Measurement of force and rotational speed in the tool
  • Metallography; hardness tests