Laser machining

Laser structuring of shapes and surfaces

Microstructuring by laser enables precise machining of various microstructures. Materials, which are very difficult to structure using conventional manufacturing processes, can be machined by this method regardless of hardness, toughness and electrical conductivity. At the same time, structures can be generated with dimensions in the micrometer range.

  • Laser structuring of shapes and surfaces
  • Microfluidic components and systems in plastics and glass

  • 2½D and 3D microstructuring of tools
  • Surface structuring of technical components for reducing friction and wear
  • Application on 3D free-form surfaces
  • Combination of laser machining and micro-milling
  • Manufacturing of functional sub-microstructures

Development of process chains

  • Market analysis
  • Investigation of process chains
  • Process optimization
  • Cost-benefit calculation
  • Development of manufacturing concepts
  • Rough and detailed planning of technological processes
  • Recommendations for machine investments

Development and evaluation of removal strategies

  • Feasibility studies
  • Technology development
  • Development of characteristic process values
  • Development of optimum forming strategies
  • Process development for generating microstructures with functional properties (tribology, optics, haptics, fluidics)
  • Scaling of laboratory processes to industrial production technology
  • Replication of natural surfaces, including data transfer from scanning up to transformation to machine data
  • Manufacturing of self-organizing surfaces by adjusting the formation of surface structures

Machine technology

  • Multi-axis laser center ACSYS ORCAµ with 2 integrated laser sources
  • Laser micro-structuring machine JenLas epidot 4

Testing technology

  • 3D coordinate measuring instrument Zeiss Prismo
  • Scanning electron microscope REM VP 1455 with EDX system
  • Device for measuring roughness and contour LD 120
  • Measuring system for forms and positions MMQ 200
  • 3D laser scanning microscope
  • Measuring microscope
  • Rotational tribometers WAZAU TRM 500 and TRM 5000
  • Translational tribometer Optimol SRV5