EDM - electrical discharge machining

Micro electrical discharge machining – contact-free machining of hard materials

For machining smallest structures with highest precision, the width of the discharge gap has to be reduced. This reduction impedes particle expulsion, especially considering deep cavities such as micro bores, and can lead to a decrease in process speed and stability. Thus, at Fraunhofer IWU investigations are carried out for optimizing micro-EDM to allow for fast and reliable machining of high-precision micro geometries.

  • Micro-EDM – contact-free machining of hard materials
  • Micro-EDM of electrically non-conducting ceramics
  • Optimization of micro-EDM by vibration superposition

  • Hybrid processes – superposition of low-frequency vibration and ultrasonic vibration for improving the achievable aspect ratios of µEDM
  • Micro-EDM of electrically non-conducting ceramics
  • Fast control of gap width by integrating functions of actuators and control
  • Multi-axis vibration superposition

Process analysis

  • Market analysis
  • Investigation of process chains
  • Process optimization
  • High-resolution discharge pulse recording with very large memory depth
  • Computer-based analysis of current, voltage and state of the discharge gap
  • Rough and detailed planning of technological processes
  • Recommendations for machine investments

Process optimization

  • Increase in process stability
  • Increase of machining speed
  • Expansion of machinable material range
  • Market analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technology development

Hybrid processes

  • Superposition of low-frequency and ultrasonic vibration
  • Variation of flushing conditions, segmented processes
  • Development of system components
  • Adjusting vibration frequency and amplitude to the specific machining tasks
  • Determining optimum technological parameters of the machine setup

Machine technology

  • Precision micro-EDM machine Sarix SX - 100
  • Micro electrical discharge precision drilling machine Posalux FP-1


  • FEM simulation software COMSOL Multiphysics™
  • Software for surface imaging and analysis MountainsMap6.2®

Testing technology

  • 3D coordinate measuring instrument Zeiss Prismo
  • Scanning electron microscope REM VP 1455 with EDX system
  • Device for measuring roughness and contour LD 120
  • Measuring system for forms and positions MMQ 200
  • 3D laser scanning microscope
  • Measuring microscope