Advantage for companies

We supply what you need

For about 30 years, Fraunhofer IWU is both for medium and large enterprises a reliable and competent research partner, when it comes to turn ideas into innovations.

The scientific expertise of our staff, together with state-of-the-art technical equipment, represent an optimum environment for research and development activities as well as industrial contract management. We partner not only with regional, trans-regional and international automotive manufacturers, their suppliers, and the mechanical and electrical engineering, precision and micro engineering sectors, but also with innovators in aerospace and medical technology.

We continually adapt our services to offer the most comprehensive, yet custom-made solutions to best meet the needs of our customers. Everything from feasibility studies and technological optimization, to the actual development of entire machines and processes – all to suit your particular needs.

  • An overview of all the available technologies and an analysis of the current market situation may be your starting point. If so, Fraunhofer IWU is fully equipped to conduct thorough and exact feasibility studies, as well as market trend and cost analyses.
  • Perhaps you would like to have a new product developed? Not only do our services include product development and optimization, but we also provide the design and the creation of prototypes for an individual part, an assembly or even a complete system.
  • Would you like to increase productivity and improve the quality of your products? We optimize existing production procedures, develop new technologies and processes and we also provide assistance for their integration and implementation into your firm.
  • If you need technical requirements for your products and processes, we possess some of the most sophisticated metrological services available, ranging from material testing all the way up to machine diagnosis.

Activities in cooperation

Fraunhofer IWU works closely together with diverse partners from industry and research in various ways:

  • Engaging in contract-based research with or without public funding
  • Promoting collaborative involvement with companies and universities on publicly funded projects, aimed primarily at fundamental and advanced risk research
  • Testing and performing research on behalf of machine suppliers who make available some of the most advanced machines and equipment to the Institute
  • Providing outside firms the use of the technical equipment inside Fraunhofer IWU‘s own testing facilities in order to facilitate their access to new technologies

Through collaboration with other research institutions (including the institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft) and specialized organizations, we can provide our customers interdisciplinary solutions for individual needs, all within one institute, starting from the material and technical basics up to the manufacture of prototypes and final testing.

What does Fraunhofer do?

A brief introduction to the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, its mission and services for industry and society.

What kind of collaboration with Fraunhofer is possible?

From single orders to complex, large-scale projects and strategic partnerships, cooperation with Fraunhofer knows no limits. 

What can Fraunhofer do for its customers?

Fraunhofer assists companies in the development, optimization and market introduction of products and processes.

What do potential customers want to know about Fraunhofer?

Anyone considering a cooperation with Fraunhofer for the first time will have a lot of questions. We would like, briefly, to answer the most important ones.