Commercial customers

How does Fraunhofer help its customers?

Improving products

As every business person knows, you should always focus on staying one step ahead. In practice, that means refusing to be satisfied with even your most successful products, and instead continuously seeking out improvements and launching new products. And that is where Fraunhofer comes in: We improve your products, enhance their performance, develop entirely new offshoots, and help you to cut costs in areas such as manufacturing and distribution.

Moving from product development to short-run production

Sometimes a successful job involves more than just a tailor-made solution. Developing an innovative prototype is an important step, but the production process often poses similar levels of complexity and must be developed in tandem with the product. Fraunhofer researchers can work with the customer to take both product and process all the way through to short-run production – just one way in which Fraunhofer helps customers to launch new products swiftly and successfully.

Market analysis and innovation consulting services

Anticipating a trend and getting your new product onto the market before anyone else is a great way to get ahead. That’s why the Fraunhofer Institutes carefully monitor technological trends and market developments to help customers get ahead of the curve. Fraunhofer can also carry out feasibility and profitability studies and provides information on available sources of funding.

Incorporating new technologies

Fraunhofer is at the cutting edge of technological developments. Its researchers have played a key role in the development of fields such as LEDs, audio and video coding, and laser technology. And Fraunhofer Institutes are also your best choice when it comes to transforming these kinds of new technologies into products. Our researchers hit on the right ideas – and they know how to transform them into products and processes.

Acquiring licenses

Fraunhofer carries out contract research for companies, but it also carries out its own independent research in some areas, often with interesting results. This pre-competitive research has given rise to inventions that can be commercially exploited by companies under license. Examples include the mp3 license, the H.246 video compression format and a manufacturing process for low-fat sausages.

Optimizing existing processes and organizational structures

Markets change – and so do technologies, statutory requirements and economic conditions. Companies change too, by expanding, entering into new partnerships and customizing their product portfolio. There are many reasons why an existing production facility or structure might no longer meet current requirements. Fraunhofer experts have extensive experience in finding the best ways to improve technical and organizational processes, motivating people to come up with innovative ideas, and identifying and spurring on under-exploited capabilities.

Characterization, testing and certification

Development also involves analysis and testing. The Fraunhofer Institutes have an extensive range of high-quality equipment designed to test components, materials, coatings and processes and to reproducibly demonstrate their levels of functionality, safety and reliability. They also offer contract testing services and issue test reports and certificates (at Fraunhofer’s accredited test laboratories).

Fraunhofer – a prestigious partner

Fraunhofer is highly regarded by the professional and business communities and by buyers of finished products. That’s why many companies are happy to reveal that their development work was carried out in collaboration with a Fraunhofer Institute. Nevertheless, all publications require prior approval and we only ever name our customers if we have first obtained their express consent to do so.