The Fraunhofer IWU is a partner in and coordinates a number of EU projects.

FormPlanet - Sheet metal forming testing hub

The aim of FormPlanet is to develop and demonstrate an integrated ecosystem offering novel testing methodologies to characterise sheet metal properties, predict part performance and prevent production loses to the sheet forming industries to tackle the upcoming challenges in formability of processing-sensitive materials. New testing methodologies, and FE approaches to predict formability and part performance as well as monitoring and inspecting NDT will be developed and adapted to the sector needs.

TRINITY - Digital technologies, advanced robotics and increased cyber-security for agile production in future european manufacturing ecosystems

The main objective of TRINITY is to create a network of multidisciplinary and synergistic local digital innovation hubs (DIHs) composed of research centers, companies, and university groups that cover a wide range of topics that can contribute to agile production: advanced robotics as the driving force and digital tools, data privacy and cyber security technologies to support the introduction of  advanced robotic systems in the production processes.

CarE-Service - Circular Economy Business Models for innovative hybrid and electric mobility through advanced reuse and remanufacturing technologies and services

The project will demonstrate new enabling technologies and services to systematically perform innovative reuse and remanufacturing of Electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid cars as key-processes to provide value to customers and, at the same time, to minimise environmental impact.

FLOIM - Flexible Optical Injection Moulding of optoelectronic devices

FLOIM will develop an automated process for optical assembly of optoelectronic devices, based on optical quality injection overmoulding. The technology aims to simplify the assembly routes for heterogeneously integrated optoelectronics, with drastic cost reduction, high productivity and improved device performance.

Sharework - Safe and effective Human-Robot cooperation towards a better competiveness on current automation lack manufacturing processes

The project's main objective is to endow an industrial work environment of the necessary »intelligence« and methods for the effective adoption of Human Robot Collaboration (HRC) with not fences.

FiberEUse - Large-scale demonstration of new circular economy value-chains based on the reuse of end-of-life fiber reinforced composites

The project’s theme entails large-scale demonstration of new circular economy value-chains based on the reuse of end-of-life fiber reinforced composites. The FiberEUse project aims to integrate different innovation actions desgined to enhance composite recycling profitability and reuse in value-added products.

Fit-4-AMandA - Future European Fuel Cell Technology: Fit for Automatic Manufacturing and Assembly

The main target of this project is to industrialize fuel cell stack production to deliver affordable fuel cell systems in larger quantities. The project team will build a unique machine which, for the first time, allows serial production of the center piece of a fuel cell system: the stack.