Acoustics and vibration technology

Quiet and light

The Fraunhofer IWU has extensive experience in the field of technical acoustics and uses various methods of analysis and acoustic measurement technology for solving diverse tasks.

Application examples for microphone array process

  • Noise reduction and elimination of background noise in automotive engineering
  • Design of a noise characteristic specific to a particular car and customer (sound design) in serial production
  • Tendency towards lighter and more material-saving designs influencing the vibration behavior of a structure
  • Measures for optimizing noise early in the design process

  • Simulation and experimental analysis regarding topics of transmission and gear acoustics
  • Simulation and experimental analysis of acoustic behavior of electric drives
  • Calculation and measurement of structure-borne noise and airborne noise
  • Analyzing origination, transmission and radiation of noise
  • Development and implementation of passive and active solutions for noise and vibration reduction 

Array measurement technology

  • Beam forming arrays: 90 channel full circle array (d = 1.05 m) and 90 channel semi-circle array for large objects of investigation (d = 3 m)
  • Acoustic holography (NS-STSF / SONAH): 96 channel arrays with 5 cm and 15 cm lattice constant
  • 105 channel transportable measurement system Brüel&Kjær PULSE
  • Anechoic room (semi-free-field room class 1)

Transfer path analysis (TPA)

  • Modular Brüel&Kjær measurement system PULSE (up to 150 channels)
  • Accelerometers and microphones in diverse versions
  • Impulse hammers and electrodynamic vibration machines in several dimensions
  • Anechoic room (semi-free-field room class 1)
  • Electrodynamic vibration test station
  • TPA software by Brüel&Kjær for modeling and analysis
  • Volume sound source (5 Hz – 5 000 Hz)

Vibration measurement

  • Multiaxial vibration test station: 4 electrodynamic vibration machines that can be positioned arbitrarily, each with a nominal force of 8,000 N
  • 3D scanning vibrometer
  • Rotation vibrometer
  • 3D plane mirror interferometer
  • Modular Brüel&Kjaer measurement system (up to 150 channels)
  • Laser triangulation sensors
  • 48 channel LMS measurement system

Further equipment

  • Evaluation in time and frequency ranges; geometry scanner, strain measurement, video triangulation
  • Sensors for determining various mechanical and acoustic values
  • Acoustic semi-free-field room