Intelligent solutions for mechanical engineering and the automotive industry

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field combining mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, which enables the development of flexible and efficient production systems. Integrated sensors record the state of processes and machines. The data are compared to models of control and as a result actuators adjust the ideal working condition. Adaptronic has the objective of high functional density by integrating sensors and actuators on the material level. Composites of so-called smart materials are used for this purpose.

We develop active components for machines and vehicles in order to prevent malfunctions such as deformations, vibrations or sound radiation already at their place of origin. These measures are considerably more effective than improvements based solely on design. In addition, they are more energy-efficient since they are only active at the time and location of the malfunction. 

Adaptronic components

Increasing productivity, precision and process stability

Highly integrated intelligent systems offer solutions for challenges in production technology. Since adaptronic components adapt optimally to variable external conditions and the particular manufacturing task, machines and their components can be designed to be significantly more dynamic, exact, robust and flexible.

Functions for tomorrow’s mobility

Based on smart materials we develop active systems for automotive engineering and the industry of commercial vehicles – from intelligent production to adaptive adjustment of the car body structure up to optimization of air resistance, which results in a reduction of fuel consumption.

Smart materials

Combining shape and function

Structural integration of active materials such as piezoceramics, shape memory alloys or rheological fluids opens up completely new solutions for production technology and automotive engineering.  We create integrative solutions – from feasibility studies to functional patterns up to manufacturing technologies for adaptronic systems.

Acoustics and vibration technology

Acoustic design and vibration compensation

In the entire development process the topics of noise generation and noise radiation gain importance for manufacturers of cars, engines and machines. The tendency towards ever lighter and more material-saving designs has distinct impacts on the vibration behavior of a structure. Based on our experience in the field of technical acoustics and advanced methods of analysis and measurement, we develop solutions for various tasks.