High-speed gas cutting

Small series production: cost-efficient and fast

The technology of high-speed gas cutting uses the “airbag effect” for shaping sheet metal parts by applying high pressure. The basic tool includes the required safety and control technology. In addition, the bottom tool part contains the gas producers and the die is integrated into the upper tool part. Since this forming technology is based on active media, the die can be made of plastics or wood - materials suitable for rapid processing. Upon ignition, the pressure is built up within milliseconds and the component is pressed into the die, i.e. it is shaped. Small calibrated radii can be easily generated using this technology.

Due to the nature of the process, high-speed gas cutting is suitable for generating design studies, manufacturing prototypes or for industrial small series production. In particular, the process is characterized by reduced tool cost (only the die has to be manufactured specifically for the component) and by operating independently from the press. Usually the number of gas producers applied in this technology is considerably lower compared to the number built into airbags of mid-range cars.

  • Engine hood
  • Engine hood derivatives
  • Fenders

Target sector

  • Small series with high share of tool cost

  • Forming of various materials (aluminum, steel)
  • Basic tool ensures safety regulations and sealing concept; additionally, it integrates the die
  • Universal integration of gas producers
  • Surface quality (“class A) suitable for car body shells
  • Cutting operations can be integrated via controlled 2nd ignition

Development of process chains

  • Feasibility studies
  • Process design
  • Cost-benefit calculation
  • Material-oriented gas producers for residue-free combustion


  • Technological development
  • Conception of plants
  • Manufacturing of prototypes

Machine technology

  • Basic tool for holding components up to a dimension of 1,000 mm x 1,500 mm x 200 mm
  • Hydraulic press PYZ 250
  • Servo-hydraulic tryout press EHP 1600

Testing technology

  • Process-specific technology regarding safety, control and measurement at a maximum internal pressure of up to 1,000 bar