Micro cutting

Flexible microstructuring by micro cutting

Micro cutting technologies enable manufacturing of the smallest structural details in dimensions of up to approx. 30 µm. Applications include die and mold making as well as manufacturing of microstructural components as prototypes. Micro cutting can be used very flexibly for a large variety of geometrical shapes and a wide range of materials, even hard machining is possible up to 65HRC.

  • Energy-efficient micro manufacturing
  • Micro cutting
  • Form boring

  • 2½D and 3D microstructuring in die and mold making
  • Multilateral machining of microstructural components using one clamping
  • Reliable and reproducible machining of high-strength and hardened materials
  • Optimization of machining parameters to meet requirements, investigations on new tool concepts and cutting materials
  • Developing adapted milling strategies and concepts of cooling lubrication

Process development

  • Market analysis and recommendations for machine investments
  • Selection of tools and processes meeting the requirements
  • Realizing feasibility studies and test machining
  • Component analysis and appropriate optimization by using CAD/CAM systems
  • Development of adapted milling strategies
  • Investigation of process chains, technology development
  • Development of concepts for cooling lubrication
  • Development of manufacturing concepts for production of single-units up to small series
  • Development of application-specific components for equipment and accessories

Analysis and evaluation of processes

  • Evaluation of tools and components by sensors integrated into the machine
  • Detection and evaluation of various characteristic process values during machining

Hybrid processes

  • Process design for combining micro cutting and laser machining

Machine technology

  • 5-axis micro machining center KUGLER
  • 3-axis micro machining center LPKF XY 10/10 GLP
  • Jig grinding machine MIKROMAT 4S
  • Various systems of minimum quantity lubrication
  • Micro-sand blasting HPB Texas Airsonic
  • Mobile CO2 snow jet cleaning system ACP Jetworker P16


  • CAD/CAM software ”Cimatron E“
  • Autodesk Inventor/Fusion
  • PTC CREO / ProE

Testing technology

  • Kistler 9256 MiniDyn system for measuring cutting forces
  • Keyence 3D laser sensor
  • Blum laser measuring system
  • 3D coordinate measuring instrument Zeiss Prismo
  • Scanning electron microscope REM VP 1455 with EDX system
  • Device for measuring roughness and contour LD 120
  • Measuring system for forms and positions MMQ 200
  • 3D laser scanning microscope
  • Measuring microscope