Processes, tools and high-performance components for cutting and removal

Current challenges in production technology comprise designing processes to be more resource-efficient, more energy-efficient and more reliable. Furthermore, the manufactured components shall possess additional effects such as less friction, lower wear or consumption. As a result, our field of action is highly complex, ranging from energetic evaluations of manufacturing processes to designing resource-efficient process chains, extending process limits and developing process combinations or substituting operations, developing specific tools and machine technology.


High-performance components and tools for cutting

Our activities focus on machining processes with geometrically defined and undefined cutting edges. We realize numerical simulations, experimental fundamental investigations, testing and introduction of serial processes.


From macro to micro ranges – removal in efficient process chains

Removal processes enable precision machining and finishing operations of materials, irrespective of their mechanical properties such as high hardness or toughness. Research topics include improving precision, optimization of this manufacturing technology and direct influence of the process.