Laser beam melting

Manufacturing beyond current process limits

We research and develop application of the additive manufacturing process laser beam melting for tool-free manufacturing of metal components with geometric peculiarities which cannot be manufactured by conventional production technologies. Novel tools and molds of steel are developed with integrated near-net-shape cooling and tempering channels for primary shaping and forming technology. Moreover, medical titanium implants with customized geometries or internal functional structures for improved healing and higher patient comfort.

Tool making – active components for forming tools

  • Near-net-shape tempering in press hardening
  • Process optimization in die casting

Component manufacturing – manufacturing beyond technological boundaries

  • Heat exchanger with optimized structure
  • Longboard carrier with optimized topology

Medical engineering and implant manufacturing

  • Implant with internal channels and cavities

  • Tool-free manufacturing– directly based on 3D CAD data
  • No costly process engineering, no NC programming
  • Direct digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping
  • Almost arbitrarily complex geometries (undercuts, internal geometries, delicate cavity structures/ framework structures)
  • Bionic structures and components with 100% optimized topology
  • Geometries that cannot be generated by cutting/forming/casting
  • Material variety (hot-work steel, stainless steel, nickel-base alloy, cobalt-chromium, aluminum, titanium)

Tool making – active components for primary shaping tools and forming tools

  • Development and manufacturing of innovative tool systems with added value such as near-net-shape tempering
  • Implementation of laser beam-melted tool inserts into the complete tool
  • Supervision of run-in in production and evaluation of cycle time, tool life, quality and dimensional stability of the components

Component manufacturing – manufacturing beyond technological boundaries Rapid prototyping using metal production material

  • Direct manufacturing of components for series application
  • Development of components with lattice structure or bionic structure, for example for the aerospace industry
  • Development of components and assembly groups for thermal regulation, for example for power electronics (electric mobility)
  • Development of complex components for process engineering

Medical engineering and implant manufacturing

  • Design, construction and manufacturing of patient-specific implants
  • Feasibility studies for novel medical applications
  • Integration of innovative functions into implants

Process development

  • Qualification of new materials following customer requests
  • Process simulation
  • Quality assurance

Links to related research domains

Machine technology

  • Laser beam melting plant Concept Laser M2 Cusing (400-W fiber laser, machining range (x, y, z):     250 x 250 x 280 mm³)
  • Laser beam melting plant Realizer SLM 100 (100-W fiber laser, machining range (Ø, z): 125 x 80 mm³)
  • 2 micro beam plants PEENMATIC 620 S
  • Micro vibrator P30
  • Hardening system


  • Simulation (ANSYS, LS-DYNA, Simufact.welding)
  • Specific software (Magics, 3-matic, Autofab)

Inspection technology

  • GOM ATOS III Triple Scan 3D scanner
  • phoenix v|tome|x s µCT scanner
  • Materials laboratory (REM, dilatometer etc.)