Metal Foam Center

Car body knot

Local stiffening on the D-pillar of the VW-Sharan
  • Major improvement concerning stiffness and crash absorbing behavior in the automobile industry possible
  • In action in body construction area as knot stiffing
  • Up to 10 % higher torsional stiffness of the entire body


Aluminum foam-reinforced B-pillar
  • Alternative flangeless “B-pillar”-concept
  • Optimized stiffness (closed profile)
  • Weight saving of 2,3 kg per vehicle
  • Reduction of material input of 50 %
  • Functional integration (10 auf 4 composites)
  • Prevention of buckling due to metal foam depositor

Rear seat back beam

Rear seat back beam for the VW-Golf
Rear seat back beam for the VW-Golf
  • Basic test for weight optimization in the automotive industry
  • Metal foam filled profile back rest reinforcement


Crashabsorber as IHU-part with completely metal foam filling
  • Crash solid for absorption of impact energy for lift and pumping systems
  • Safety covers
  • Explosion control