Shape rolling

Shape rolling of profiles

Shape rolling is a forming process of bending using rotating tool movement (DIN 8586). Fraunhofer IWU has a shape rolling system with 9 profiling frames that can be arranged flexibly and whose output shafts are driven individually by servo motors. Shaping can be conducted with metal sheets up to a width of 500 mm. Our focus lies on integrating secondary operations (e.g. cutting operations, tempering) and on investigating sheet metal materials relevant for lightweight construction such as press hardening steels and magnesium wrought alloys. We create process designs using FEM, including the software COPRA, Abaqus and LS-Dyna.

  • Manufacturing of magnesium wrought alloys
  • Manufacturing of pipes with internal coating

  • Integration of secondary operations
  • Tempering in the shape rolling process
    • Specific temperature management for processing materials relevant for lightweight construction
    • Increase of the lightweight potential by using super high strength materials

Development of process chains

  • Market analysis
  • Investigation of process chains
  • Process optimization
  • Cost-benefit calculation
  • Development of manufacturing concepts
  • Planning and technological dimensioning of processes, tools and machines

Development and evaluation of forming strategies

  • Market analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technology development
  • Development of characteristic process values and optimal forming strategies
  • Benchmarking        
  • Numerical simulation
  • Manufacturing of prototypes

Quality assurance

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Control of component properties by analysis of geometry and strain

Machine technology

  • Shape rolling system with 9 profiling frames
  • Siemens control allowing for arbitrary profiles of motion and acceleration
  • Tempering using induction systems or infrared systems


  • COPRA RF and FEA RF®
  • Abaqus
  • LS-Dyna