Processing of stainless steels

Ferritic, austenitic and martensitic stainless steels as well as duplex steels possess a characteristic distinct forming behavior. We support industrial enterprises in processing of these materials by determining and providing component-specific optimum parameters for processes and tools. This applies to sheet metal forming processes subject to stress due to bending, deep drawing, stretch drawing or even complex forming stresses. Furthermore, the described services are offered for cutting processes.

  • Springback behavior of spring-hard strips
  • Shear cutting of stainless steels

  • Increasing the stability of manufacturing good parts
  • Increase of lightweight potential by using innovative materials
  • Processing of super high strength steel grades

Development of process chains

  • Market analysis
  • Investigation of process chains
  • Process optimization
  • Cost-benefit calculation
  • Development of manufacturing concepts
  • Planning and technological dimensioning of processes, tools and machines

Development and evaluation of forming strategies

  • Market analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technology development
  • Development of characteristic process values and optimal forming strategies
  • Benchmarking, sensitivity analyses
  • Numerical simulation
  • Manufacturing of prototypes

Quality assurance

  • Sensitivity analyses
  • Detection of temperature / process monitoring
  • In-process monitoring of material properties
  • Monitoring of geometry