Large-scale replication of microstructures

The fields of application for micro-forming include structuring of large surfaces and mass production of serial components. In order to guarantee optimum results, the investigations consider components, tools and processes. In micro-forming of metals, glasses and plastics the objective lies in ensuring cost-effective, reproducible and reliable structural transfer using the hot embossing technology.

  • Microfluidic components and systems in plastics and glass
  • Hot embossing of optical components
  • Sensor technology for medical applications
  • Faster tempering systems for hot embossing and injection molding

Process description/simulation

  • by characterizing the process parameters, investigating the substrate behavior and by process modeling for describing the flow behavior

Improving the image accuracy

  • by correcting systematic shape deviations, by developing the tool systems and technologies

Novel coating strategies

  • by investigating the effects on adhesive strength and sticking tendency and by optimization of the coatings

Development of process chains

  • Production-oriented technology design
  • Characterization and optimization of process parameters
  • Embossing of microfluidic channel structures with functionalized channel wall surfaces in one embossing stage
  • Sampling and small series
  • Investigation of applications and determination of characteristic values
  • Process modeling and characterization of functional surfaces


  • Microfluidic sensors for detecting blood or urine data
  • Development of micro-forming tools for hot embossing and injection molding
  • Micro reaction technology
  • Mobile diagnostics systems

Quality assurance

  • Process monitoring and control

Link to related research area

Medical engineering

Machine technology

  • Precision forming machine P.U.MA 600 for micro hot embossing
  • Universal testing machine TIRAtest 2700
  • Prototypes – hot embossing system MicroShape 100
  • Testing station for high speed micro-forming

Testing technology

  • 3D coordinate measuring instrument Zeiss Prismo
  • Confocal microscope
  • White light interferometer, fringe projection system MikroCAD
  • Scanning electron microscope REM VP 1455 with EDX system
  • Compact mass spectrometer QMS 220