ECM - electrochemical machining

Application center for precise electrochemical machining

The technological development regarding electrochemical machining focuses on expanding the machinable material range and on developing hybrid technologies to be integrated into process chains. The research topics deal with process investigation, simulation and optimization as well as application-specific technology development and manufacturing of prototypes. Since 2009 Fraunhofer IWU has been successfully working in the area of PECM technology by serving as a PEM Application Center (PAC).

  • Process control by parameterization and simulation
  • Development of application-oriented technologies
  • Expanding research area to multi-axis ECM
  • Research on short-pulse ECM, EC drilling, EC polishing

Development of technologies and machines

  • Feasibility studies / machining tests
  • Trained staff
  • Construction of own fixtures
  • Required analytics
  • Integration into PAC network
  • Tool design
  • Tool making
  • Sampling
  • Pilot runs and preproduction runs

Contract research and development

  • Market analysis
  • Process design and process analysis
  • PECM on an industrial scale
  • Manufacturing of basic geometries and secondary design features
  • Surface modification (optic and haptic surfaces)
  • EC machining with closed electrolytic free jet – Jet-ECM

Quantifying processes

  • Analysis of material removal
  • Analysis of surface quality
  • Evaluating the influence of process parameters

Multiphysics simulation

  • Simulation of component functions
  • Simulation of surface functions
  • Dimensioning of tool system
  • Simulation of manufacturing processes
  • Process design
  • Process analysis

Machine technology

  • Prototype plant for ECM and PECM applications
  • Prototype plant Jet-ECM
  • Device for material removal analysis
  • Microbalances
  • PEM Center 8000
  • XY table
  • Rotating device
  • Short-pulse generator
  • Filter system
  • Electrolyte monitoring


  • Supercomputer with 32 CPU cores and 512 GB RAM
  • Supercomputer with 16 CPU cores and 196 GB RAM
  • Commercial software COMSOL Multiphysics 5.1
  • Compatible CAD software Autodesk Inventor