Metal Foam Center

Balcony demonstrator

Balcony demonstrator
  • structure: Aluminum foam plates with rod steel mesh around the edges and mineral surface coating
  • advantages for the application of metal foam:
    • high bending stiffness together with low weight
    • fire retardant effect (DIN 4102)
    • effective shielding against electromagnetic waves
    • possibility of integrating stainless steel pipes for e.g. water or air supply
    • noise protection or -damping (open-cell foam)
    • energy absorption and vibration reduction

Temporarily parking block (with project partners)

Temporarily parking block
  • section with original dimensions for four parking spaces with appropriate working range
  • traversing space: 80 m²
  • 4 pillars HEA 600, 2 longitudinal beams HEA 600, 2 beam grillages HEA 180; 2,0 m
  • Advantages:
    • easy handling in the assembly and disassembly process by existing align elements for position fixing during installation without traffic load
    • reduced number of needed bolt connections by usage of these align elements for transverse force and torque transmission
  • Coating solutions:
    • powder coating
    • acrylic resin varnish
    • mineral coating of the company Westox
    • enamel