Fraunhofer IWU - The leading institute for resource-efficient production

As a leading institute for resource-efficient production within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft we are your scientific research and development partner for the future industries of automobile and mechanical engineering. Since 25 years, the main focus of our work has been on application-oriented research and development in the field of production technology for the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors. We not only develop intelligent production systems for the manufacturing of car body and powertrain components, but we also optimize their related forming and cutting manufacturing processes.

Important Dates

7th CIRP Conference on High Performance Cutting HPC 2016 and 4th International Chemnitz Manufacturing Colloquium ICMC 2016

Mai 31 - June 2, 2016, Chemnitz, Germany

Current Research

Presswerk 4.0: Cutting downtimes in half, making manufacturing flexible

Generating eco-friendly power with metal rotor blades

Health screening for industrial machines

Automated assembly of aircraft wings