Robotics for Humans

Safe and powerful robotics for close-to-human tasks


Robots are advancing more and more into new areas, such as medical technology. The little helpers have also found their way into everyday life and mow our lawn or clean our floors. Much of the robotics used is currently still made up of rigid links and defined joints. This limits their usability, especially for very complex tasks and for tasks that require direct and safe contact with people, e.g. in everyday life and care.


In order to qualify robots for use in human-related fields of application, new approaches are required that no longer focus only on range, payloads and precision, but focus on safety, flexibility and acceptance.


The continuum robotics in combination with innovative structural concepts, targeted sensor technology and newly conceived movement mechanisms show possible solutions to close the gap between powerful, but potentially dangerous industrial robotics and safe, but inefficient soft robotics.


In addition, it is desirable to develop robot concepts that can be manufactured inexpensively, thus contributing to the democratization of robotics.

Selected projects

Compliant, cognitive robotic
Articulated arm robot with folding kinematics
Continuum robot with adaptive stiffness