Hall 2, Booth C 22

In addition, Fraunhofer IWU demonstrates highlights from the department adaptronics at the main booth, for example digital processes for the functionalization of structural components. With the help of laser-based technologies among other things, electrical and sensory functions can be placed onto structural components freely and economically, such as operating elements or LEDs. This avoids the complex tailoring and mostly manually wiring of cable harnesses.

Another highlight of intelligent production technology is demonstrated by the experts in adaptronics of Fraunhofer IWU: “PermaVib”, a vibrational system for drilling and milling tools. By using ultrasound, these tools can be excited to vibrate in such a way that the machining of metals is considerably facilitated. This system allows for a reduction of tool wear by up to 50 percent. Additionally, up to 40 percent less force is required for machining when applying “Perma Vib”. The specific benefit lies in the fact that existing machine tools can be retrofitted with this system without any large expenditure, since it can be integrated into any machining center as a module.

Scientists of Fraunhofer IWU give metal cutting machine tools a sense of touch via the tactile workpiece SensoTool. SensoTool captures temperatures and forces where they arise and in this manner permits direct process monitoring and adaption. The core tool of the system is a sensor element with piezoelectric layers, which is directly positioned behind the indexable insert of the tool carrier. The force to be measured is converted into a charge which afterwards is preprocessed by an integrated electronic system. The tool transfers the acquired data wirelessly to the machine. By doing this the sensor element enables the close-to-process measuring of high dynamic forces from a few Newton up to three Kilonewton. In this way SensoTool can capture current cutting forces, the temperature on the tool blade but also vibrations of the rotating tool near the contactpoint.