Webinar  /  March 29, 2023

SkiveAll – Design Software for Power Skiving processes, Release of the new Version 1.4

Power Skiving: a book with seven seals?

Many hopes rest on the Power Skiving  process. Since its increased industrialization starting in the 2010s, it has become clear how much potential this technology holds, but also how many problems still need to be solved.

Many users - even proven gear experts - do not trust themselves to design their own Skiving processes and are therefore still dependent on third parties, such as tool or machine manufacturers. The rather complex interdependencies are not directly obvious, and comparisons with known processes such as gear hobbing or shaping often lag behind.


The SkiveAll software

At Fraunhofer IWU in Chemnitz, research has been conducted on the Power Skiving process since 2012. The knowledge gained has been used to develop a mathematical model and finally the user software SkiveAll. With the program, all aspects of the design of Skiving processes can be considered in context. The software provides characteristic values for process variables such as chip thickness and process angles, but also for quality, times and costs. SkiveAll can be used to analyze and optimize existing processes as well as to design new technologies and tools.


The Webinar

In the webinar, we will present the new version 1.4 of our SkiveAll Basic software and explain new features using practical examples. Furthermore, we inform about the new SkiveAll 3D, which is now also available as a user program.