Workshop  /  09/18/2019  -  09/20/2019

18th ASIM Dedicated Conference

Simulation in production and logistics

Every other year the ASIM Dedicated Conference, which is Europe’s largest conference on simulation in production and logistics, takes place and presents future-oriented trends and current developments, scientific works as well as interesting industry applications. Discussed topics cover a range of issues from matters of resource efficiency and digitalisation through to virtual assistance as well as further diverse aspects that relate to the application of simulation for planning, commissioning and operating factory and logistics systems. Intentionally, reports from research and teaching are presented equitably alongside developments and industrial applications.


Conference Topics

  • Human Work and Personnel Planning
  • Assistance Systems
  • Intralogistics Applications
  • Supply Chains and Production Networks
  • Transport Logistics and Transport Systems
  • Digital Factory and Data Science
  • Energy Efficiency, Energy Flexibility and Sustainability
  • Production and Material Flow Processes
  • Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Simulation Methods and Simulation Systems
  • Simulation in Factory Operation
  • Visualisation and VR/AR in Simulation
  • Simulation and Optimization
  • Simulation Applications in Industry and Services
  • Theory and Methodology of Simulation Technique
  • Verification, Validation and Experiment Design
  • Simulation and Economy
  • Simulation of (Semi-)Automated Systems