Corona Virus - Specific Immediate Aid

3D printed emergency ventilation system with integrated electronics and sensors

© Next3D

The prototype of a 3D printed emergency ventilation system has been realized based on a biocompatible and steam sterilizable plastic material. Electronics and sensors have been integrated in order to set and monitor the essential parameters of the mechanical ventilation. The system alerts the clinical users in case of an interruption. Using a lung phantom, physicians have tested the system successfully under realistic conditions.


3D printed respiratory masks with replaceable filter

© Fraunhofer IWU/FKO

The researchers at Fraunhofer Plastics Technology Center Oberlausitz (FKO) in Zittau have developed and manufactured a reusable respiratory mask by applying a selective laser sintering process using polyamide. Currently approx. 150 to 200 masks can be produced per week. In order to realize a higher number of pieces, the Fraunhofer scientists are investigating the production of respiratory masks by injection molding.


3D-printed sealing caps for sterilization bottles

© Next3D

Operational 3D printed sealing caps have been manufactured for urgently needed sterilization bottles. Within four days, 440 sealing caps have already been handed over to the pharmacy of the Leipzig University of Medicine.


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