Projects within the Federal Programme of BMBF

Twenty20 - Partnership for Innovation

While to date it has been a question of the development of the New German Länder, the focus of the promotion by the BMBF is now increasingly on the future of this region. With the development programme “Zwanzig20 – Partnerschaft für Innovation” (Twenty20 – Partnership for Innovation) the BMBF is supplementing the promotion programmes of “Unternehmen Region” (Entrepreneurial Regions) with a new approach which is geared to national, inter-, trans- and multi-disciplinary cooperations between the partners, and which is committed to openness and transparency.

smart³: Research on intelligent materials


Smart³ is one of ten winning consortiums in the federal programme "Zwanzig20- Partnership for Innovation" by the German Ministry of Education and Research. Over 50 consortia competed in the "Zwanzig20" programme over a total of €500 million in funding. Smart³ is coordinated by Fraunhofer IWU.

AGENT-3D: Additive/generative manufacturing


Layer-by-layer three-dimensional deposition of materials opens up entirely new possibilities in design and construction. Additionally it promises significant savings of time and cost in manufacturing components and tools. The project AGENT-3D intends to develop additive manufacturing as a key technology of industry 4.0, enabling its industrial breakthrough.

3Dsensation: Innovation in the human-machine interaction


The consortium 3Dsensation aims at fundamentally redefining human-machine interaction. Human interaction with machines and technological systems of any kind is to be organized more natural, intuitive, secure and efficient. For this, it is necessary to match human-machine interaction to human needs and experiences.