Flagship projects

Innovation Alliance Green Carbody Technologies (InnoCaT)


The Green Car Body Technologies Innovation Alliance is a technology-related production initiative on the part of automobile manufacturers, suppliers and outfitters, the steel industry and the three Fraunhofer production technology Institutes – IWU, IPT and IPA – tasked with researching efficient and sustainable production processes for car bodies.

The collaborative research project is concerned with every stage of the process, from tooling, the press plant and car body construction through to the paint shop. The purpose of the project is to optimize every stage of the process chain, allowing future production processes to manufacture the same output while being much more energy and resource-efficient. Another objective of the project is for it to be possible to evaluate and plan these production processes. In addition to providing technical solutions for innovative technology options and production management systems, the alliance is also hard at work incorporating sustainable solutions to tomorrow’s energy and resource-efficiency issues into the planning process.

The alliance is currently working on shaping the findings of the 30 sub-projects involved into workable real-life solutions. The alliance’s industrial partners are preparing a wide range of new products and production processes to help this transition.