Flagship projects

Energy-efficient Product and Process Innovations in Production Engineering (eniPROD)

The Cluster of Excellence “Energy-efficient Product and Process Innovations in Production Engineering” (eniPROD) was formed by the Chemnitz University of Technology and Fraunhofer IWU in 2009 as part of the Saxony Excellence Initiative. The Cluster of Excellence is made up of interdisciplinary research teams of engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists and business experts, all working together to develop ways to reduce the amount of energy used in industrial production by 30 percent.

85 scientists are involved in making this goal a reality. They are developing scientific principles and practical solutions for industry in the areas of product development, production systems, process chains (powertrain and cell structures), materials, factory design and logistics. To make sure that all of the different areas are integrated with one another, additional working groups are responsible for looking at energy accounting, energy-efficient products, production systems, process chains and energy cycles.

The Cluster of Excellence‘s research focuses on:

  • Improving the efficiency of industrial production processes
  • Proactive energy management strategies for factories
  • Using renewables to power factories instead of fossil fuels