Flagship projects

Automobile Production Center of Excellence

The Automobile Production Center of Excellence was formed in 2008 in response to the need to increase productivity, reduce defects and improve energy and resource efficiency in automobile production processes. The Center focuses on research projects with the objective of developing, testing and optimizing innovative production technologies, facilities and equipment for car body production. Our main challenge, as well as the success criterion for the project, is incorporating the results of the project into industrial mass production processes as soon as it comes to an end. The key areas are tool making, the press plant and car body construction.

In terms of tool making, our primary objective is improving the quality of forming tools and speeding up the process of engineering them. The approaches we are taking in this area involve improving the efficiency of processing strategies and developing new machine tool structures.

In order to meet the demand for increased resource efficiency in the press plant, we are developing strategies to improve the stability of processes and reduce the cost of incorporating forming tools. One particular approach is integrating sensor and actuator components into the tools used for process monitoring and control.

When it comes to car body construction, the Center’s main goal is making the processes involved more efficient. Research in this area is focused on joining technologies and the equipment required. One of the main approaches being investigated is implementing lightweight strategies for joining and assembly equipment across the board. This is expected to have a positive impact on productivity, flexibility and energy efficiency, as the drives required for the components will not need to be as large as they have had to be.

The Automobile Production Center of Excellence also provides Volkswagen’s future managers with the training and qualifications they need.