Machine Tools, Production Systems and Machining

Increasing requirements on efficiency and productivity, production accuracy, flexibility, energy- and resource management are key aspects to be considered when developing new production plants and technologies. For this reason we research sustainable innovations for practical applications. In addition to technology-related development and design of cutting and forming machine tools including their components, we particularly focus on increasing the achievable production accuracy and capability of these machines by optimizing the complex interactions of mechanics, drive, control and process in order to meet the highest demands regarding quality, efficiency and performance.

The challenges for machining technology are rising – not least because of using new materials and material combinations. Our answer consists in hybrid technology concepts. Moreover, we strive for saving material in processes, for designing energy-efficient and safer processes and for enabling low-friction operation of manufactured components. Thus our resulting field of action is complex, ranging from energy evaluation of production processes to designing resource-efficient process chains, to extending process limits, to developing process combinations or substituting operations, to developing specific tools and machine technology and generating tribologically optimized functional surfaces.

In the field of assembly novel and economic techniques and technologies are required to cope with the increasing diversity of variants and products. One core aspect of our research concentrates on the development of production systems with a high degree of flexibility and autonomy. Our “E3 Forschungsfabrik Resource-Efficient Production” enables us to represent essential production units of car body production in a production-oriented manner and to develop complete solutions for automotive engineering of tomorrow and to test them under realistic production conditions. Regarding increasing cost for procurement, distribution and consumption, energy becomes more and more significant as a production factor. Using integrative analyses of energy efficiency, production companies can have their processes tested and optimized by us. While considering processes, plants, infrastructure and buildings, energy potentials are determined and optimized. Another important field of research comprises developing technologies and solutions for the approaches known under the heading industry 4.0 for collecting, processing and linking information in production.