Interreg project

There is a high potential for transnational cooperation in central Europe to promote the bottom-up implementation of smart specialisation strategies (RIS3). But much of it remains unexploited. The S3HubsinCE project unleashes this potential by generating new transnational support structures. These will be based on connected “Digital Innovation Hubs” (DIH), creating stronger links between relevant stakeholders in the key technology priority areas, including advanced manufacturing and materials, ICT, nanotech, as well as biotech and medical devices.

The project partnership will develop an innovation network of “RIS3 Champions” of central Europe. It will initiate a new generation of innovation networks, create a comprehensive “Digital Integration Toolkit” to enhance cooperation between partners from relevant institutions as well as develop joint strategies and action plans. The project will help relevant actors to better understand RIS3 needs and the role they play in their implementation. Moreover, it will create a novel method to design, manage and introduce innovation in the frame of smart specialisation strategies, applicable beyond participating regions.